Conference Room Window Graphic

The challenge was to create art in frosted vinyl to represent 3 diverse campuses and student body, show students/staff giving back to the community and also meet the physical objective of creating a visual screen between conference room and the activity of the hall.

Designing the graphics for the conference room window, in the new downtown campus was an exciting and challenging project. The large window is beautiful but was creating a concentration and privacy issue since it faced the board room, elevators and the restrooms. The function of the graphic was to create enough coverage to allow some barrier from the activity of that hall to benefit the concentration of those in a meeting. And it was to take the form of an illustration representing the impact the college’s staff, students and business partners have on the area. The decal had to be created in the same frosted vinyl as other graphics throughout the campus. In the end the College was happy with the new art and the diversion.

Required Skills
Design – Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
Project Management